Radiesse is composed of synthetic calcium a hydroxylapatite microsphere that is always suspended in a gel carrier.It is a synthetic CAHA that has similar characteristics to teeth and bone.

Radiesse is FDA approved for use in some countries that include: Europe, Canada and United States. Radiesse provides a correction that lasts for a period of 12-24 months when used for facial applications. Results may vary from one individual to the other. Age, metabolism, lifestyle, type of the skin and muscle activity.

The areas of the face that can be treated with Radiesse include: chin, jaw line, nose, cheeks, lower and upper lip and smile lines. Due to Radiesse unique biocompatibility profile and synthetic product formulation, no testing is required before treatment.

There are few reported Radiesse cosmetic side effects they include: swelling, pain, edema, itching, tenderness in the injection site.

Avoid the use of Aspirin, high doses of vitamin E are avoided, non steroidal anti inflammatory medication, Advil and Motrin. All of these may increase bleeding and that is the reason why they should be avoided. Radiesse has ability to restore facial volume to a youthful look.

Radiesse is mostly recommended for non surgical reshaping of the nose, Marionette lines, and Nasolabial folds and for bridge augmentation. Radiesse was originally referred to as Radiance. The procedure of treatment by use of Radiesse takes a period of about 15 minutes. Topical cream is used to minimize any injection discomfort. Pain blocks may also be performed before treatment to minimize injection discomfort.