Fat Reduction

Laser fat removal / reduction technique is an effective alternative to traditional surgery for removing fat. However, it is only effective in small areas for example treatment of the face since it is a relatively small part of the human body and it is easy to treat this area with a less invasive procedure. In addition, the laser fat removal procedure is specifically designed to correct small details on the human body. It is perfect for hard to reach areas and small body parts. The laser fat removal treatment allows the patient to experience much less discomfort and a speedy recovery.

There are two types of Laser fat reduction or removal which include:

This is a laser fat removal option which stimulates the growth of collagen in our skin with the help of Capacitive Radiofrequency (CRF) technology. Capacitive Radiofrequency is recommended for all types of skin and it provides long lasting results. The treatment time depends on the skin area that the patient wishes to improve.

The procedure is very popular because it creates instant results. Immediately the treatment is completed, the client sees a positive change in the appearance of their skin. The treated area usually looks a lot smoother and has better texture.

It is a nonsurgical procedure that does not require any anesthesia. A physician may provide a pain medication upon the request of the patient. Patients experience a heating sensation as the RF energy is emitted from the hand piece.

The client may experience some redness and bruising in the treated area after the Thermal laser fat removal procedure. However, this discomfort is usually minimal and the patient is able to continue with their daily routine without interruption. It takes up to six months for the collagen to grow. For this reason, the client is not able to see the final results until several months after the procedure is completed.

This is also a common form of laser fat removal. It is an innovative body sculpting treatment which is non-invasive and the patient is able to move on with their busy day without much discomfort.

This laser opens a pore inside the wall of fat cells and releases the fat into the interstitial space. During the body’s regular detoxification course, the excess fat is released.

It usually takes around 40 minutes to administer the procedure which is usually repeated three times per week in a period of two weeks. The laser is applied to the front side of the selected area for the first twenty minutes of the treatment and then the last twenty minutes is dedicated to the back side of the targeted area.

This procedure is not known to have any negative side effects at all. It uses a very low-level laser that is both safe and effective.